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Smart Mark Radio – On-Air Talent: Meet the on-air talent and personalities behind the podcasts here at the Smart Mark Radio Network. To converse with the Smart Mark Radio nightly hosts, call (646) 478-5863!


Jared J-Hawk Hawkins – Pro Wrestling Weekend

Jared J-Hawk HawkinsJared “J-Hawk” Hawkins began his career as a referee for Fortitude Championship Wrestling in August 2004. He was a originally a columnist for thesmartmarks.com from 2002-2006, and founded Smart Mark Radio (Pro Wrestling Weekend) on June 24th, 2007.

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Your RoleModel Ric Lieb – Pro Wrestling Weekend ♦ SMR Hip Hop Stop ♦ Smartasses Radio

Your RoleModel Ric Lieb“Your RoleModel” Ric Lieb began his career as a professional wrestler in 1989 at the age of seventeen. In 1999, he became the co-host of Pro Wrestling Weekly in northeast Ohio. In 2008, Lieb joined the SMR Sunday wrestling show, and launched the SMR Hip Hop Stop in 2012.

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Tony The Hitman T – Hitlist Radio

Tony The Hitman TTony “The Hitman” T joined the cast of the Sunday Smart Mark Radio wrestling show in 2009, and has served as a manager in Undaground Wrestling. After a brief leave of absence for most of 2013, the Hitman returned to SMR in 2014 to launch the adult entertainment podcast, Hitlist Radio.



Johnny Hollywood Video – Smartasses Radio

Johnny Hollywood VideoJohnny “Hollywood” Video briefly served as the tag team manager of The Ghost Riders in 1999. He has appeared in several films as a voice actor, and founded Smartasses Magazine in 2006. Video joined SMR as an on-air talent in 2010 and in 2013 began hosting Smartasses Radio.

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Jaysen Rizkee Biz Moore – SMR Hip Hop Stop

Jaysen "Rizkee Biz" MooreJaysen “Rizkee Biz” Moore was raised in the Li’l Italy area of Akron, Ohio. He fell in love with Hip Hop after hearing his first NWA song, and soon participated in rapping contests to see who could rap the quickest. Moore joined as the co-host of the SMR Hip Hop Stop in 2012.

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Bob Diehard Cooper – Beyond The Truth

Bob CooperBob “Diehard The Hunter” Cooper – Since 1980, after his first run in with the legendary Ohio Grassman, Cooper has immersed himself in the field of paranormal studies, government cover ups, and conspiracy theories. Cooper launched Beyond The Truth in 2013.



 Chris The Philosopher Ames – Beyond The Truth

Chris AmesChris “The Philosopher” Ames, or C. Ames as he is known in the music industry, attended both Kent State University and the University of Akron. He has studied sci-fi extensively, and focuses his attention primarily on science-fact. Ames joined as the co host of Beyond The Truth in 2013.

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 Frankie Il Padrino Andolini – Pro Wrestling Weekend

Frankie AndoliniFrankie “Il Padrino” Andolini is a former professional wrestler and a former Fortitude Championship Wrestling Old School Extreme Champion. Often referred to as Frankie Five Fingers or Frankie Knuckles, Andolini took over as the third co host of Pro Wrestling Weekend in mid 2014.

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