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WWE Royal Rumble 2016 Predictions – January 24, 2016 – Predictions from Smartasses Magazine Senior Editor- Johnny Video.

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For the first time in WWE history, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion must defend his title in the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match when champion Roman Reigns enters the annual battle on January 24, 2016. The unprecedented development was announced by WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon on the Jan. 4 edition of Raw after Reigns defeated Sheamus in a title match officiated by Mr. McMahon. Heading into that evening, the WWE Chairman had promised Reigns would not leave Raw as champion. Though Reigns proved Mr. McMahon wrong that night, will The Big Dog defy the odds and outlast 29 other Superstars in the ever-unpredictable Royal Rumble Match? What other Superstars will have the rare opportunity to compete for Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Don’t miss the entire Royal Rumble spectacular when it airs live from Orlando, Florida at 8 ET/5 PT on the WWE Network.


Fatal 4-Way Rumble Qualifier (Kickoff Match)
Dudley Boyz vs The Ascension vs Henry & Swagger vs Young & Sandow

For two Superstars, the path to this Sunday’s Royal Rumble Match begins with victory on the Royal Rumble Kickoff. The Dudley Boyz, The Ascension, Mark Henry & Jack Swagger and Darren Young & Damien Sandow will collide in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match on the Kickoff. The winning team qualifies to enter the Royal Rumble Match later in the night.

Basically just a wild match to get your blood flowing and get you geeked up for the real card. Doesn’t really matter who wins because there’s no belt on the line and nobody from this cast is a real threat to win the thirty-man battle in the current era. My heart wants The Ascension to win just because I dig their gimmick, but my brain says to put your money on Sandow.

Winner: Young & Sandow


WWE Divas Championship
Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch

What began as a friendly rivalry has escalated into a heated contest of one-upmanship ever since Charlotte’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, began seconding his daughter. The influence of “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” clearly rubbed off on Charlotte, as the reigning Divas Champion began incorporating illegal tactics to get the better of her opponents — Becky included. She will look to settle the score when they meet in a championship clash this Sunday at Royal Rumble.

Anybody who never saw Charlotte turning heel coming from a mile away shouldn’t be watching wrestling, and she’s fully embraced her inner Flair with her two-time Hall of Fame daddy guiding her. Her former BFF, Becky Lynch, has learned this the hard way, but has the Universe backing her now that Charlotte has proven she has no bones about playing dirty to win. At least we finally have a good storyline for the Divas. Look for Ric Flair to guide her even more by interfering in the match and ensuring the belt stays on his daughter and away from the former NXT standout.

Winner: Charlotte


United States Championship
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto

Kalisto has stunned United States Champion Alberto Del Rio twice before — including once to win the stars-and-stripes title. Can The King of Flight accomplish that feat again at Royal Rumble when he meets Del Rio in another title match?

When I hear the name “Kalisto” I cannot help but think of Callisto from the Xena Warrior Princess days. Unfortunately, she’s not in this match. Fortunately however, Del Rio and Kalisto have been having some pretty damn good matches in their back-and-forth tirade for the US strap, with Kalisto capturing the US Championship and having it taken away from him just a day later. My guess is that the trend for quality bouts will continue, as well as the trend of back-and-forthness.

Winner: Kalisto


WWE Tag Team Championship
The New Day (c) vs. The Usos

This bout pits Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods against arguably their biggest threat, and the one team that was absent during much of The New Day’s rise to championship glory, Jimmy & Jey Uso. Who is the superior tag team: The unit that possesses the WWE Tag Team Titles or the duo that won the Slammy Award for Tag Team of the Year?

The New Day has bested several tag teams during their reign as WWE Tag Team Champions, and have honestly become one of the only reasons to even watch WWE programming as of late. They recently took a loss from The Usos, but we all know that only happens so a viewer has some reason to doubt the results at the PPV. Besides, the straps need to stay on the heels going into Wrestlemania. Look for interference from Xavier Woods to ensure Big E and “Kofi-Co-Booker-Teware” retain.

Winner: The New Day


Intercontinental Title Match – Last Man Standing
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens

Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens etch another chaotic chapter into their ruthless rivalry when they vie for the coveted title in a Last Man Standing Match at WWE Royal Rumble.

Forget about putting your money on choosing a victor. The over/under on how many times blog writers will pen “match of the night” is set to 2,000. Play the over. Owens & Ambrose’s frequent trading of attacks has brought us to this Last Man Standing match, and trust me, you can expect all types of weaponry, a brawl into the upper levels of the arena, and someone going through the announce tables at least twice. With that said, despite being the “Lunatic Fringe”, Ambrose actually has a pretty crappy record at hardcore brawls at PPV’s. Fortunately for him, KO needs something to win at Wrestlemania, so Ambrose retains here.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


30 Man Royal Rumble Match

For the first time in WWE history, the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion must defend his title in the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match. At the time of this writing, the following Superstars have been declared official participants in the match: Roman Reigns (No. 1 entrant), Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, Chris Jericho, Stardust, Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Big Show and Curtis Axel.

On paper, the champ’s odds of winning seem to be pretty small now that we know he’s entering at #1, but we’ve all seen past competitors go in at #1 and ensue to win the whole thing. However, I’m pretty confident the Universe would call that three blown Royal Rumbles in a row if that were to happen, and bring back the #CancelWWENetwork trend on Twitter within seconds. There are a lot of major stars out with injuries this year, so the signing of AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows will most likely lead to some surprise entrances. There are also a few good tales going into this year’s Rumble, including Brock Lesnar’s return to the championship picture and the feud between Roman Reigns and the Authority. Speaking of the latter, Shawn Michaels is rumored to have been offered a huge sum to be one of the aforementioned surprise entrants, so I look for HHH to enter himself at #29 (with Michaels at 30) and take the belt from an ironman Reigns nefariously.

Winner: HHH
Most Eliminations: Sheamus
Ironman: Roman Reigns


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